Join AIM


To join AIM, you must be willing to invest into third party companies. An accredited investor is defined as “any natural person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person’s spouse, at the time of their purchase exceeds MUR Five Millions or “any natural person who had an individual annual income in excess of MUR One Million for the past two years and who reasonably expects to reach the same income level in the current year.”

Code of Conduct

•  Members should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
•  Members should respect privacy and confidentiality of information of other members and not provide any information to third party without permission.
•  Members should understand AIM meetings and communications are focused towards investment pursuits and members shall not solicit another member for business.
•  Members shall disclose any personal gain arising from relationship with a company.

Application Form

AIM Application Form

Membership Fees

•  Individual members: Mauritius based, Overseas based
•  Institutional members: Mauritius based, Overseas based