For Investors

Angel Investing Overview

What’s there for you?

At AIM, we think Angel Investing is a great second career. It provides an opportunity to leverage prior business experience, skills and success, and each person has control over how much or how little time they dedicate to the effort. A wonderful bonus for investing with a group is joining a lively network of intelligent, capable, savvy business men and women who are keen to see above market returns on their investments.

How risky is Angel Investing?

Angel investment can be risky!! No-one should invest capital that they cannot afford to lose. On top of the usual risks of economic cycles, sectors, interest rates and the stock market, the one risk that you are closer to than in a stock market investment is People Risk. Some of us like that. We enjoy meeting people, evaluating our ability to work with them, their ability to execute on a good business plan, and our joint ability to work together.