How AIM Operates?

As a general rule, AIM prefers to finance innovative ideas, startup enterprises, cutting edge technology companies or businesses with high growth potential. It goes without saying that ethical and environment friendly businesses are prerequisites for our engagements. Entrepreneurs seeking funds are encouraged to present their ideas in not than two pages (see format), in total confidence to AIM Investment Manager.
AIM does NOT itself invest in any venture, but it provides the platform for Angel Investors to invest either individually or in small groups in companies. After a preliminary screening process, Entrepreneurs are supported to effectively present their ideas to Angel investors. They are educated on the implications and conditions, should they decide to venture for Angel Investment and equity participation. The pros and cons of Angel investment are discussed for better understanding of the concept and draw away false assumptions and prejudices.
The aim of this exercise is to prepare businesses for Angel investment but also improve their fund management capacities for effective and efficient use of invested funds. It also inhibits the concept of reporting their activities for the simple fact that Angel investors would like to know what is being done with their money and how they can help to make the business more profitable.
Entrepreneurs having projects which are preliminarily screened are then requested to personally present their projects to AIM members, who might be interested to fund their projects. At this stage Angel investors will be looking at the startup / business growth potential, but also on the capabilities of the person behind the startup, his entrepreneurial traits and personal qualities.