AIM Objectives

Our Vision
Fostering innovation and unleashing the business potential of startups and emerging entrepreneurs

Our Mission
Create a conductive business forum to link high net worth investors and successful professionals with high growth potential startups and entrepreneurs.

Our Commitments
AIM undertakes shall stir out ideas and develop a network that shall stem ideas to crop up. We also commit to work with the highest integrity to ensure that confidentiality of ideas and property rights of individuals and companies be protected all the time.


AIM members are collectively committed to contributing money, as well as their time and expertise in businesses that they consider worth investing.
The key objectives of AIM are to:

•  Create a plate form for new and young entrepreneurs, aimed at showcasing their ideas and Innovations in Technology, R & D, services and others and help them develop these ideas into commercially viable ventures.

•  Provide opportunities to our members to obtain high financial returns by investing in startups or recently incorporated companies with high growth potential;

•  To identity innovative startups or high growth potential companies’ entrepreneurs who require funds to develop their businesses;

•  To accelerate business for innovation, access to new markets and achieve market leadership;

•  To create a platform for exchange of ideas and convert them into commercially viable ventures;

•  To mentor, guide and educate entrepreneurs during the early stages of their businesses;

•  To bridge financial gaps for startups and successful enterprises to grow;

•  To formulate policies and provide business facilitation services for an environment conductive for startup, industrial development and regional integration.

•  To Mentor, Guide and Educate to entrepreneurs for early stage businesses by focusing on startups or young companies.

•  To enable more early stage businesses to create scale and value and provide education and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

•  To address the current acute lack of funds available to early stage companies.

•  To actively develop close ties with other early stage investors such as state funds and venture capitalists, to leverage the relationships and be able to make larger co-investments than what the AIR members may be willing to do.