• Angel Investors Mauritius, Start Ups Entrepreneurs Mauritius
  • Angel Investors Mauritius, Start Ups Entrepreneurs Mauritius

Angel Investors of Mauritius (AIM) is a membership based Not for Profit organisation of high net worth private investors, committed to investing in high-growth Start Ups and newly incorporated companies in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Region.

The purpose of AIM is to help promote early stage equity investment and to provide entrepreneurs and investors an effective, centralized forum to collaborate and support businesses in need of investments. Our members are high net worth individuals, successful business owners and corporate executives, experienced in funding and nurturing businesses. Members engage in a participative style of investing in which they are mentor startups, encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise during the investment selection process and with companies that are funded and supported by the group.

To note that AIM does not directly invest in any start up or companies. After a screening and selection phase, it is the members who ultimately decide on which company to invest and this is done on an individual capacity.

For Start Ups & Entrepreneurs

If you are a Start Up or an Entrepreneur with a great idea, we want to hear from you. Read about our investment criteria, funding process and framework and then learn how to submit your business plan to AIM.

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For Angel Investors

Membership is open to any accredited investors who would like to share our vision and goals and will actively contribute to our process of supporting high potential Start Ups and Entrepreneurs.

If you are interested to know more about AIM and to become an Angel Investor, please click below.

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